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Bespoke services for mental well being and people performance. Our associates are leaders in their fields of expertise  working with a wide range of corporate organisations across the spectrum of business sectors. 

Niche health care and wellness treatments designed to improve health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments

Customised activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and leadership, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations



Corporate Vitality

Collaborating with a highly experienced team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Harley Street, London, we provide solutions for mental wellbeing and people performance.

We understand the pressures that modern workforces face. We apply medical and scientific expertise to help organisations improve people wellbeing to ensure they are fit for the future.


Both measurable programmes for sustainable high-performance and resilience help organisations improve performance, talent retention, work culture and their bottom line. The results are quantifiable and demonstrate meaningful positive impact.



Exclusive Swiss Healthcare

At Owlpha Omega we place a great emphasis on leading healthcare and mental wellness. Sooner or later we all become more aware and appreciative about just how precious good health is. With todays pressures and demands both in and out of the workplace, both mental and physical ailments can prevail.

Together with referring doctors or directly with clients and patients, we provide access to premier Swiss Healthcare.

Through appointment, we can help you embrace the following challenges with the very best physicians and clinics Switzerland has to offer: Addiction treatment/Psychiatry and Biomolecular Restoration, Cardiovascular Disease, Neurology & Rehabilitation.



Invigorating Culture

An engaging and inspiring corporate culture is tantamount to a happy and productive workplace.  For years many experts have followed the latest breakthroughs in Behavioural Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Positive Psychology and other areas of Human Performance looking to apply this knowledge and drive a corporates bottom line.

Combining the wisdom of todays experts from Ivy league universities and leading global consulting firms, we are proud to collaborate with a revolutionary company which has redefined this field and subsequently taking the world by storm. We all know that the people are a companies greatest asset. How are you engaging new leaders in your firm for tomorrows world?



Team Introductions

Meet the pioneering industry thought leaders and creative minds behind this unique venture.

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Kim Wimmer

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I am a people and culture geek and am passionate about creating distinctive cultural styles for lasting human-centred innovation capabilities.

Martin Sommerkamp

Partner - Germany